Home Loans Gig Harbor

Home Loans Gig Harbor

Searching for a property in Gig Harbor, Washington? Here’s our first piece of advice: Before you go straight to a major corporation or your bank, visit a professional and reliable home loan officer. The housing market in Gig Harbor is competitive, and it’s not going to change anytime soon. The best thing you can do to beat the competition in the housing market in Pierce County is to be fully informed as to what you can afford, and when it’s time to shop - you’ll already be pre-approved for the loan option that’s best for you. 

Each homebuyer seeking property in Gig Harbor, or the area of 98335, has specific needs. We see many types of goals in mind for the home buyers we work with - often, these are low monthly payments, a minimal down payment on the property, or the smallest interest rate possible. As lenders, we work closely with our clients to meet each one of their needs.

Property and real estate in Gig Harbor can be tough to find, but if you’re working closely with a trustworthy lender, your odds at scoring that property are even higher! We have many loans and mortgage options we can put on the table. Let's talk about your financial situation, and find the best mortgages to look at for you.

Gig Harbor Home Loans

We’ve been working alongside prospective home buyers in Gig Harbor and surrounding neighborhoods in Washington since 1988. That’s 33 years of active experience as loan officers and mortgage brokers. With over 3 decades of experience, we are fully committed to finding the best mortgage plan and loan options for you and your family. No matter what you need, we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen. We believe that brokers are better. Work with our team and you’ll see why! Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, and let us work for you in the 98335.  

Property Loans Gig Harbor

When seeking a loan for an investment property, residential real estate, or commercial property, a mortgage lender from our team in Gig Harbor can help. We’re passionate about getting homeowners the biggest bang for their buck, and you can see in our reviews that we aim to not only meet, but to exceed expectations when it comes to loans. We’ll walk you and your family through the process every step of the way, and we’ll be here when you choose to refinance! We live in Gig Harbor, and we love it here. Gig Harbor is a unique community full of wonderful people and places to see. We would love to help you live here, too. 

Give us a call today! We’ll assist you in finding the best loans for you, and dig into your financial goals. No matter what your needs are, we’ll help you meet them. We can’t wait to get started. Don't forget to take a look at our reviews, we love serving the community in the evergreen state of Washington! Call us by phone today at (253) 265 4329.